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We hope you’ve enjoyed the Android/iOS SOA app, for those who have it. Although we’re still hard at work addressing some functionality issues (our number one priority right now!) we hope you’ve found the content informative and above all, fun. It was our goal to help bridge together Seasons 3 and 4 by giving you content that would help fill in some gaps, although you don’t need to have the app to know what happened during the 14 months, it helps enrich the viewing experience.

We began working on the Season 4 update around May. The developers, Defy Agency led by Toby Chi, sat down with Kurt, Post Producer Craig Yahata, and app content writer Gladys Rodriguez and proposed the look and feel for this season. We knew we would incorporate the additional content scenes, and also have graphic novel-style storyboard appisodes to tell the narrative.

Over the next few months, we worked closely with Fox Digital Entertainment, FX, and Defy to develop the app to be ready for our target launch dates. We’re very proud of the final product.

We interviewed a few of the brains behind the app, take a look:

There were several departments and people who helped contribute to the making of the SOA app, and we couldn’t possibly interview them all, so I’d like to give them credit here. A big thanks to:

Kurt Sutter
Craig Yahata
Gladys Rodriguez

app concept & framework: Aaron Strongoni & Frank Toby Chi
project manager: Nicole Fox
lead programmer & data structure design: Henry Chan
programmer: Jen Masten
art director, storyboard, illustrator: Frank Toby Chi
storyboard, illustrator: Scott O’Malley
illustrator, background art: Arlene Chao, Stuart Kim
designer: Mike Oley

And a very special thanks to FX, Fox 21, and Fox Digital Entertainment.

To get the app for iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS 3.0 or later, will not work on 2nd generation devices) go to:

For Android:


- Samcro Blogger

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