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If you watched Tuesday night’s episode “Dorylus,” then I’m sure your skin was crawling when you saw the scene with the Russian and the red ants. Mine still is. We hired a bug wrangler to ‘wrangle’ the bugs around the actor. (No bugs were actually harmed in the making of this scene). I talked to our makeup artists who create all the SOA makeup magic on how they did it. These are the ladies behind the countless SOA bullet wounds, bruises, and other special effects makeup on the show. Here’s what they said:

Not only do these ladies make our cast look great on screen, but also help them maintain their camera ready face off screen. Michelle owns the celeb favorite skincare line, Vivd MD Skincare: and is pretty popular with the SOA cast. Rumor has it, the boys have been known to get facials in the makeup trailer (photos not permitted!)

Stay tuned this season to see some of their more gruesome work.

- Samcro Blogger

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