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Every TV show has a specific look to it that’s usually set by the Director of Photography (DP), also called a cinematographer.  Not only do they set the look, but they also oversee the camera and lighting crew on set. Our show has a very specific dark, gritty look to it with different hues of blue and grey that Director of Photography, Paul Maibaum, helped create with Kurt at the very beginning of the season. I talked to him about his role as our DP, and his inspiration behind the look of the show. Paul also directed two of our episodes, “Potlach”, and one this season, “Family Recipe”. Here he is, chatting with us about the life of the SOA DP:

Thanks for watching and we hope you learned something new. Stay tuned next week or a chat with another one of our favorite directors, Gwyneth Horder Payton.

-Samcro Blogger

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