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I met up with our music guru earlier this season, the man behind the SOA sound, Bob Thiele Jr., at one of the recording sessions for “Strange Fruit”. It was a cool little studio tucked inside Mullholland Canyon at someone’s house, where most of the music you hear on our show is created. I walked in, warmly greeted by Bob and The Forest Rangers, and I immediately knew they were in their element, they were jammin’, the vibe was pure rock and roll, relaxed, raw and they were gracious enough to let me capture a look into the making of the sound of SOA. I grabbed my camera, and just began rolling. I gotta say, these guys have to have the coolest job on the show, and it shows, they were having a an awesome time:

Thanks to Bob Thiele Jr., Davey Faragher on BASS, Lyle Workman on GUITAR, Brian Macleod on DRUMS, and Dave Way the ENGINEER — The Forest Rangers, the dudes behind the Samcro sound.

If you wanna buy the track, it’s now available on iTunes:

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