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Ho, Ho, Ho

Ho, Ho, Ho

It’s hard to believe that Season 4 has come and gone. I guess they’re right, time flies when you’re having fun. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without your love and support. I think we have the kick-assest fans in all of TV land, no joke. So a big THANK YOU for all your comments, criticism, and devout appreciation. You guys rock hard. The writers are starting back up at the end of January, Season 5. Wow. Kurt’s signed off on the production schedule for next year, and he’s mentioned more additional content to bridge Seasons 4 and 5. Not sure what yet, but I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure it’ll rock your socks off. I’m stoked to be a part of it once again. But for now, I’m gonna hibernate for the winter, and come back strong for Season 5. So this is Samcro Blogger signing off. Thanks all, have a good holiday and be safe. See you on the other side.

- Samcro Blogger

PS – I’ll continue to tweet from time to time, so for updates, follow me on Twitter @Samcro_Blogger and of course follow Kurt on twitter @Sutterink and follow the official SOA Facebook page:

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The last time we talked to Craig Yahata, SOA post guru, he took us to a mix of Episode 409. Here he explains the process of post-production, as concisely as possible. There is A LOT that goes into the post-production of an episode, several steps and people involved in making and episode broadcast-ready. This is where Kurt Sutter spends a big chunk of his time, perfecting each episode from trimming scenes for time, to choosing music, to special effects. It is really where the magic happens. Here’s Craig talking more about Post:

Thanks for watching, hope you learned something about your favorite show.

- Samcro Blogger

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I got the opportunity to go to a ‘mix’ session for Ep.409 “Kiss” with our post-producer, Craig Yahata, who was kind enough to explain the post-production process and give us a glimpse of what a mix session looks like. He invited us to come along and film a bit of of the process for the blog, and here’s what we saw:

Stay tuned for Part two of our interview with Craig, where he explains more in depth what happens in Post.

-Samcro Blogger

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We were lucky enough to get our Principal Director and Executive Producer, Paris Barclay, to take a few moments out of his hectic schedule to talk to the blog about working on SOA. For fans who aren’t familiar with him, he’s kind of a big deal, go ahead and IMDB him and you’ll see a long long looong list of credits under his name. He also directed one of my favorite episodes, “Balm”, in Season 2, and gives us insight on a particular scene in Episode 407, “Fruit for the Crows.” Check it out:

As you can tell, Paris loves what he does, and we love to have him around. He really has become part of the SOA family, and we hope to have him around as long as we can. Thanks, Paris!

- Samcro Blogger

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An end of the Season goodbye to our cast and crew. Until next year!

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I met up with our music guru earlier this season, the man behind the SOA sound, Bob Thiele Jr., at one of the recording sessions for “Strange Fruit”. It was a cool little studio tucked inside Mullholland Canyon at someone’s house, where most of the music you hear on our show is created. I walked in, warmly greeted by Bob and The Forest Rangers, and I immediately knew they were in their element, they were jammin’, the vibe was pure rock and roll, relaxed, raw and they were gracious enough to let me capture a look into the making of the sound of SOA. I grabbed my camera, and just began rolling. I gotta say, these guys have to have the coolest job on the show, and it shows, they were having a an awesome time:

Thanks to Bob Thiele Jr., Davey Faragher on BASS, Lyle Workman on GUITAR, Brian Macleod on DRUMS, and Dave Way the ENGINEER — The Forest Rangers, the dudes behind the Samcro sound.

If you wanna buy the track, it’s now available on iTunes:

-- Samcro Blogger

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We’ve been lucky enough to have Gwyneth Horder Payton (or GHP as we call her for short), helm the most ever Sons of Anarchy episodes in the show’s history. NINE EPISODES! She’s the mistress of blowing shit up. Our go-to gal for the big, huge explosions and fight scenes. And not to mention the only female director we’ve ever had. This lady is impressive. She chatted with us about some of her most memorable moments of the show:

Hopefully, you guys will dig the next episodes she directed, Ep.407 and Ep.411. I guarantee you’ll see some bad ass BOOM.

-Samcro Blogger

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Every TV show has a specific look to it that’s usually set by the Director of Photography (DP), also called a cinematographer.  Not only do they set the look, but they also oversee the camera and lighting crew on set. Our show has a very specific dark, gritty look to it with different hues of blue and grey that Director of Photography, Paul Maibaum, helped create with Kurt at the very beginning of the season. I talked to him about his role as our DP, and his inspiration behind the look of the show. Paul also directed two of our episodes, “Potlach”, and one this season, “Family Recipe”. Here he is, chatting with us about the life of the SOA DP:

Thanks for watching and we hope you learned something new. Stay tuned next week or a chat with another one of our favorite directors, Gwyneth Horder Payton.

-Samcro Blogger

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If you haven’t already heard the news, Sons of Anarchy is off to a killer start, we are the most watched show in FX network history!

So to celebrate and honor the work of our cast and crew, Kurt decided to reward us with a Crew Appreciation Lunch and Raffle. It was awesome. We had a chance to have a fancy lunch with all our coworkers under one tent, including the cast. Then, we raffled off more than a dozen prizes including Harley riding lessons, Spa gift cards, trips to Disneyland, Pole Dancing lessons (yep, you read the correctly!), and the ever-coveted PRIME ON-LOT PARKING SPOT. We gave two of those away. Needless to say, everyone was grateful and had a great time. This was very kind of Kurt, as most showrunners in Hollywood don’t ever do this for their crews. Our cast read off the raffle tickets and gave out prizes, and they had a good time doing it. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without you all. So a HUGE THANKS for watching! We promise to keep bringin’ the good stuff!

-Samcro Blogger

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If you watched Tuesday night’s episode “Dorylus,” then I’m sure your skin was crawling when you saw the scene with the Russian and the red ants. Mine still is. We hired a bug wrangler to ‘wrangle’ the bugs around the actor. (No bugs were actually harmed in the making of this scene). I talked to our makeup artists who create all the SOA makeup magic on how they did it. These are the ladies behind the countless SOA bullet wounds, bruises, and other special effects makeup on the show. Here’s what they said:

Not only do these ladies make our cast look great on screen, but also help them maintain their camera ready face off screen. Michelle owns the celeb favorite skincare line, Vivd MD Skincare: and is pretty popular with the SOA cast. Rumor has it, the boys have been known to get facials in the makeup trailer (photos not permitted!)

Stay tuned this season to see some of their more gruesome work.

- Samcro Blogger

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